Visit the Korean cultural village of Gamcheon

Traveling in beautiful Korea, you will not be able to miss the Gamcheon cultural village in Busan. Locations are transmitted around the world by people around the world with many very special names such as “Santorini of Korea”, or “Lego village”, “fairy village”. This will also be the place to bring you lots of new and interesting experiences. Let’s travel with Dai Viet International Travel to discover this wonderful tourist destination!

1. Introduction to Korean Gamcheon cultural village

Gamcheon Cultural Village is located on the gentle hillside of the port city of Busan (South Korea). With the beauty from the beautiful sea view, plus the “artistic colors” scattered in every corner of the village, visitors come here often liking the village to: “Santorini of Korea”, or “the throne” Lego village ”,“ fairy village ”.

Many visitors have been to this cultural village and have the same feeling, that is this place is beautiful and lovely as the name of the mural village of it. However, few people know that before having the current attractive beauty, this village was once a slum with bold features of Korea in the past.

In the past, this was a refuge for the people of Busan when the war happened. Poor refugees have come here and there are about 800 temporary wooden houses built for people to live in. These houses were built scattered along the road located on the side of the mountain.

Few people know that this village used to be a slum of Korea in the past.

In 2009, the Ministry of Culture of Korea invested in an art project to renovate Gamcheon village while retaining its inherent architectural features, renovating this place into a special tourist destination of the land of Kim Chi. Many artists and art students are invited to decorate the village. The artists used more than 10 colors to paint on the walls and roofs of the village, making the village bring new vitality to life more lovely and lovely. Since Gamcheon Cultural Village was born, this village has been dramatically changed and completely changed from the past. This place has become the ideal destination for tourists traveling to Korea.

Artistic color covers the whole village

2. What’s the good thing about visiting Gamcheon cultural village?

The specialty of Gamcheon lies on the walls, and sculptures appear everywhere. Each work of art painted on houses has its own story. Gamcheon Village is also the origin place for the famous Tam Thanh mural village in Vietnam.

When you come to Gamcheon village, you will quickly be attracted to an incredibly colorful and beautiful cultural space. From the colorful houses located side by side on the gentle hillside, overlooking the sea, like giant steps; until the artistic paintings of butterflies painted on the walls and roof; or sculptures with cute and vivid figures … All are extremely special “materials” for you to create unique “virtual” photos !!!

a work of art in Gamcheon village

Coming to the top of the village, you will be impressed with the green houses painted with typical works in Gamcheon. You will see there is a huge tutorial board filled with art. It will guide you on the journey to learn about the cultural village. This is also the place where you will start your journey to explore Korea with a cultural village on a Gamcheon map taken at the information counter.

Instruction board – where to start the journey to explore Gamcheon

It is almost impossible not to go astray if you want to explore Gamcheon. Each alley leads to three or four other alleys. One way to avoid getting lost is to “follow the fish” painted on the walls. The colorful fish decoration on the wall of an alley is a favorite check-in setting for many visitors. All corners of the village are decorated with unique and brilliant paintings. Small colorful houses nestled on the hillside, graffiti paintings to every statue on the street were created at the hands of artists with artistic breath that you do not need to search hard.

The signs are “fish” decorated on the wall

Visitors here will quickly be attracted to the colorful cultural space. Each place in the village is a separate scene depending on the feelings of the person to be able to evoke a lot of emotions. At every turn, you will discover interesting surprises. People in Gamcheon village said that every painting painted on houses has its own story, any angle in Gamcheon is a suitable place for you to store beautiful photos as a souvenir. Animated statues are decorated everywhere, even the buses are decorated with eye-catching motifs, visitors will feel lost in the fairy world.

Bus at Gamcheon
Even the bus is decorated with eye-catching motifs

You try to freely shoot enough angles to take pictures with a sculpture called “Draw one with Gamcheon”. This work is unique in that, if you choose the right angle, you will see the sculpture seems to disappear, sinking into the magical Gamcheon scene.

Sculptures called “Draw one with Gamcheon”

Do not forget to pose “take a selfie” with the statue of Little Prince, one of the symbols of Gamcheon in Busan. The statue of the “Little Prince”, a character from the French book of the same name, is placed on top of a fence, sitting silently looking towards the Busan harbor next to his fox.

Statue of “Little Prince”

The endless creativity of artists for this village also lies in making very ordinary things become vivid, attractive, typically the pots of “wearing pants” with the appearance of a group of people. walking. You definitely must not miss this unique work.

Potted plants  “wearing pants”  extremely interesting

Don’t be afraid to spend some time on your journey to explore Gamcheon village to visit a lovely cafe on the corner. The cafes in this village are also the ideal resting and relaxation place for you to feel the scenery and breathe the fresh, cool atmosphere of this place.

Artistic space at the pubs in Gamcheon

In addition, Gamcheon also has many shops, souvenir shops, art galleries to serve visitors to visit. If you have time, continue your game with the unique activities that this village offers. This is when you try to see if your hand flower really bring your artistic talent or not. Try crafting a piece of pottery yourself, or creating a small wooden clock. You can also make your own mark on your personal belongings by coloring your own unique canvas bag, handkerchief, scarf or T-shirt. If you are more skillful, you can learn from the local people how to make traditional Korean shoes called “hwahye” …

Very funny souvenir gift

Before saying goodbye to the village, stop by a souvenir shop of Gamcheon and find yourself some simple baby gifts to take home! It could be a very cute handmade magnet in the shape of a “match house” – the symbol of Gamcheon, colorful porcelain crafts, cloth or wind jingles, which are very fun to listen to. .

The stall displays interesting souvenirs at Gamcheon

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