Traveling to China should buy?

Travel to China in addition to visiting famous sights and structures. There are also many unique products that are considered the quintessence of China. If you are preparing to travel to China but do not know what to buy as a gift, please refer to the article below.

1. Tea

Chinese Oolong Tea

One of the most meaningful gifts when traveling to China is tea. China is also home to the most popular drink in the world. In addition, if you are planning to buy gifts for the elderly, especially grandparents and parents, tea is a good option to buy.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have also known how to grow and process tea leaves into delicious and healthy drinks. This is a popular gift, both good for health, easy to store, compact and easy to buy. There are many types of teas that can be found in China. But usually visitors will choose from the 5 most famous types of tea including: Oolong tea, green tea, rose tea, camellia and pressed tea.

Chinese Bich La Spring Tea
Bich La Xuan Tea is one of the best tea brands in China

Some brands of tea as gifts favored by tourists such as the emerald tea of ​​Guangxi, the Longjing tea of ​​the West Lake region, the tea set of Guan Yin specialties of Fujian or the special jasmine tea of ​​Suzhou. You can find tea at markets, shops or tourist areas.

2. Ceramics

Chinese ceramics

It would be perfect if you buy tea as a gift and have an extra set of genuine ceramic teapots from China. And the unique and unique ceramic tea sets of this thousand-year-old country certainly can’t be off the list of unique gifts you should buy when traveling to China.

With advanced graphic arts that have been recognized all over the world. From the museums, eateries, restaurants, tea shops or souvenir shops, there are items made from ceramics and exquisitely painted from the talented hands of artisans.

Chinese ceramic artisan
A Chinese ceramic core is working

In addition to the tea drinking utensils, Chinese ceramics also do not lack the beautiful bowls, dishes, chopsticks, porcelain spoons that are hard to find elsewhere. If you have the opportunity to visit here, do not forget to buy exquisite tea sets, or the extremely beautiful ceramic chopsticks and chopsticks sets as gifts for your loved ones. Certainly, the tour is an opportunity for you to witness firsthand the world of ceramic art.

3. Silk


China is considered a “cradle” of silkworm raising and silk weaving. The country is considered to be the first country in the world to find techniques for growing mulberries and silk weaving from BC. The artisans have made the silk, brocade soft, delicate and elaborate. And surely few of us do not know about the famous “Silk Road” of China.

If before, Chinese silk from being favored only for kings, regal, today has been popular everywhere. Especially the quality is also getting better and better. Over thousands of years of history, Chinese silk has become increasingly elaborate and flawless. Handkerchiefs, scarves, lanterns or a cloud-soft fabric bought from the capital of silk such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Sichuan, or Dandong will be meaningful and artistic.

Chinese silk
Some famous landmarks of this premium material in China can be mentioned such as Suzhou, Sichuan, Hangzhou, or Dandong.

Silk is also a gift loved by mothers and sisters. A lot of people choose evening dresses. An equally great option is traditional Chinese clothing. You can wear it during photo shoots …

4. Handicrafts

Handicrafts are the most special and valuable heritage of the long-standing culture in China. Traveling in China, you will not be surprised at the exquisite handicrafts from the skillful hands of skilled artisans.

Pearl chopsticks

You can easily find beautiful souvenirs such as embroidery, paper cutting or elaborate wood carvings … Goods in China are also very diverse in terms of goods, types, quality quality and price. You should choose carefully, you can consult the price with experienced people to avoid buying.

Every city in China has a famous shopping district with many unique characteristics. In Beijing, Wangfujing, in Suzhou, is the Quang Tien Walking Street, Thap Thap Toan Street; In Shanghai, there is a busy Nanjing Road. If you want to shop freely, you should not miss the two largest shopping centers in China, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, all goods from clothes, shoes, woolen, souvenirs to electronics. are all here.

Chinese handicraft stall
A handicraft stall in China

5. Calligraphy

China is also considered the starting point of Confucianism, hieroglyphics and famous calligraphy art. The Chinese calligraphy attracts the viewer by the elegant, delicate, splendid way in each sophisticated handwriting, adding simple but extremely soulful and poetic strokes.

You can also buy word paintings or paintings of charming scenes of aqua paintings, beautiful wingspan fairy wings. Each graceful brush strokes with brush and ink has shown the elegance, sophistication and poeticness of her fellow.

Chinese calligraphy painting
All the quintessence and soul of China are gathered in calligraphy paintings.

At the tourist resorts and clubs, you will encounter artisans who are passionate about writing or drawing. Enjoy this art and it is also a meaningful gift that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to visit China.

6. Glasses

In China, glasses are very cheap. It is one of the most popular and widely available items. There are many glasses with different styles and designs. However, do not expect too much in terms of quality and branding. If you are concerned about it, you can go to the stores with opticians in big cities. There is very good quality glass there. One of the largest glass markets is near the railway station in Shanghai.

A glass shop in China

In Beijing, there is a special glass market near the old Panjiayuan market. A pair of non-famous branded glasses cost from 200 to 400 yuan. Depending on the quality of your glasses and your bargaining power.

7. Leather articles

Chinese leather

Leather items are another item you should buy in China. There are many markets and shopping centers that sell leather briefcases, backpacks, belts, etc. with much cheaper prices than in our country. In Beijing and Shanghai, there are many products to choose from. If you travel in Guangzhou, try visiting Sanyuanli da Market.

Visiting the markets, you can see the hand bags on sale at the counter, priced from 200-500 yuan, belts priced from 100-200 yuan, etc. … To prove yourself as genuine leather , many salespeople will immediately use lighters to replay the product. And they will prove that it does not melt or burn.

You should make sure that you will receive that bag, instead of another bag packed with completely different quality. You should also check the zipper to make sure it works properly.

8. Neiliansheng shoes

Shoes are sold in Neiliansheng Shoe Store

If you travel to Beijing, it is impossible not to mention a famous Chinese shoe company dating back to 1853, Neiliansheng. In addition to modern leather shoes, you can choose to buy shoes made from silk, brocade to go smoothly with eye-catching embroidery patterns.

Experience when shopping in China

Although shopping in China is quite simple and convenient, but you still need to note some of the following issues:

  • Before buying, you should refer to guides or information in travel magazines to choose to buy products at reputable stores, fully labeled.
  • Bring a computer or phone to convert currencies if you are new to the Yuan.
  • Always pay the price before deciding to buy something.
  • Do not buy Oriental medicine in small, cheap stores because it may be bought counterfeit goods.
  • If you have a lot of money, you can go to Wangfujing walking streets (Beijing), south of Nanjing walking street (Shanghai), the Temple Emperor (Shanghai), Beijing street (Guangzhou). , Quan Tien and Shiyan Street (Suzhou), Longmen Cave Shop (Luoyang), etc. There are also two largest shopping centers in China, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Collection of unique shopping places in China

  • Beijing: Pearl;
  • Shanghai: silk rugs;
  • Hangzhou: oolong tea, silk;
  • Suzhou: silk;
  • Yunnan: Dyed fabric;
  • Que Lam: Scroll paintings, pearls;
  • Tibet: Sheepskin hanging on the wall;
  • Xi’an: Copies of terracotta warriors, antique furniture;
  • Xinjiang: Carpet, jade, dried fruit;
  • Guangzhou: Trading in shoes, clothes, toys, electronics products and more …
Above is the experience when shopping in China has been compiled by Dai Viet International Travel , hope the above useful experiences will help you with the question of what should you buy when traveling to China? Have a great trip to China !

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