Travel Singapore-Malaysia to buy as gifts

If you want to have a sightseeing trip with shopping, traveling to Singapore – Malaysia is a destination for you, if you are interested in shopping, then this is a dedicated destination. for you.
Singapore is an ideal tourist destination , with massive architecture, magnificent luxury hotels, and resorts right in the center, so it is very convenient for visiting shopping, and this is also where many unique festivals take place year round.

When traveling to Singapore , visit Sentosa Island, visit SEA Aquarium – the largest aquarium in the world with countless unique marine species. Lost in SEA Aquarium, you will admire the beautiful ocean world with 100,000 sea creatures of 800 different species and 20,000 colorful corals.

Coming here, you will come across 10 artificial oceans, designed to simulate 49 different seas in the world such as Southeast Asia, Karimata Strait, Java Sea, Malacca Strait, Belgan Bay, Red sea and other remote and interesting seas.

Visitors can watch the Wonderfull musical performance with a series of the most advanced sound and light technology applied in the water music performance area. With the screen shows the images projected by colored lights on the water screen are very beautiful.

Visitors also listen to good music throughout the show. With bubbles creating a shimmering cloud in the sky, images of each baby are projected onto the water wall.

The journey will take you to Ba Thanh Mau Mazu Pagoda – this magnificent and ancient temple is considered a museum of modern Buddhist art. Visiting the temple, visitors immerse themselves in the peaceful and sacred setting and can learn about the history and philosophy of Buddhism through the artworks.

Visit the Marina Barrage Dam to see the large rainwater storage and flood control systems that cover nearly one-sixth of the Lion Island Island area. At Bay SouthGardens by the Bay – an artificial garden of more than 101ha – visitors admire more than 250,000 rare plant species, giant trees take solar energy during the day and shine themselves at night. It is an interesting thing that not every place has.

However the destination is indispensable in the Singapore tourit’s Parliament House – Parliament House: Merlion Park – the sea lion park, the oldest Victoria theater in Singapore – the focal point for the performing arts of Lion Island since colonial times, the modern Esplanade theater. Singapore – a world-class architectural icon and cultural and artistic representation center ….

The journey will take visitors to Malaysia

Visit Johor Bahru, the ancient city of Malacca, once a Portuguese colony with ancient and unique relics such as Saint Paul’s Church, the ancient Portuguese fortress, the Dutch square, the old town , Chen Hoon temple, A’Famosa fort … Delegation lunch, continue the journey to the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Visit Independence Square, the Supreme Court, the unknown soldier monument, the mosque, the royal palace, conquer the Genting plateau (about 2,000 meters high) with the Skyway Cable Car cable car system ( 14 km long, about 12 minutes). In the case of cable car maintenance will have to transfer by Genting car.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, you should visit Genting, a famous entertainment center of Malaysians, a copy of Las Vegas casino, Batu cave, the mecca of the Indian-Malaysian community, admire the Hindu statue. and conquer 272 steps to visit temples with many unique statues. In addition, visitors will visit the Petronas Twin Towers (Petronas Twin Towers) – the symbol of Kuala Lumpur, and take for yourself meaningful souvenir photos.

However, many questions still ask that Singapore – Malaysia tourism should buy as a gift?

Specialties in Malaysia

Malaysian specialties must include famous dishes that are loved by many tourists such as Boh Tea, Teh Tarik, Durian Chocolate, Milk Coffee, Spices, Sauces … So you can buy in Malaysia Durian chocolate, Coffee with milk as a gift. You can choose to buy some famous brand products such as Oldtown, Aik Cheong, Ah Huat … the price of a 15-pack can of milk coffee ranges from 12 MYR to 15 MYR.

Buy souvenirs in Malaysia

With lovely gifts such as necklaces, bangles printed with Malaysian symbols, key chains, double towers of tin …

Buy electronics in Malaysia

Malaysia is considered a paradise for you to choose electronic products, good quality, affordable prices. With items such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops …

What to buy in Singapore:

Singapore is a shopping paradise you can buy items such as: Kaya jam is one of the famous Singaporean specialties, a gift many tourists choose to enjoy and buy for their loved ones. It is used with bread, you should buy all kinds of jam: Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toast Box, Glory, .. are sold popular in supermarkets. Next is the Bakkwa dry beef with a special sweet and salty taste. Laksa sauce is the core spice that makes Laska rice noodles famous in Singapore.

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