Travel Sapa ripe rice season

Every year, tourists from everywhere come to Sapa more and more, come here not only to admire the beauty that nature has bestowed on this place, but to travel to Sapa in September visitors can admire the beauty of the golden terraced fields winding around the mountainside.
Sapa is a small town, where many miraculous things are hidden, with misty mist, beside the simple stilt houses mixed with the same mountainous landscape creating a charming picture of water, in the middle of thousands Northwest.

Coming to Sapa tourism, you will come across the pan-shaped valleys of Hoang Lien Son which are an indispensable rendezvous for those who have a passion for tourism who like to explore new things. Especially the backpackers (Sapa self-sufficient travel) on the end of the first 8 months of September. That is when the terraced fields gradually change from green to yellow, creating a vast picture full of life.

Many tourists choose Sapa to enjoy the masterpiece that nature offers, Sapa always has its own beauty, but the ripening season of Sapa seems to put on a new cloak. Along with the unique cultural and culinary experiences, this is an opportunity to fully collect into the eyes a majestic golden strip, poetic, to breathe deeply into the chest of the aroma of the middle mountains and forests. great thousands.

In the fall or the rice fields, the roars of the indigenous people are bustling with laughter, golden grains of rice, amidst the vast green hills and mountains, in the bustling sounds, laughing innocently on the rice fields.

Coming here, you will feel the nature, the hillsides, the clear streams all year round with white foam, the birds cry, and to the high mountains with difficult roads to hunt the golden season. Those who come to Sapa at this time can see each golden parcel layering waves along the hillsides, since the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train and Fansipan cable car up to now. hot.

The crimson red climbing train takes you on a journey across the valley at an altitude of 1600m, from Sapa town to the top of Fansipan, as slow-motion movies of nature and Northwest life add to the beauty. fluttering hearts.

In addition, visitors also have interesting experiences such as flying on the wine season, or flying on the folds of single stilt houses, or on the hillside halfway to bring visitors the feeling of excitement, warmth and bustle again. full of highland breathing.
On the way to admire that charming Sapa golden season, visitors also encounter bustling highland markets at the foot of the mountain, where the Northwest Food Festival is taking place jubilantly, welcoming visitors with specialty dishes. and typical performing and playing activities in the Northwest.

So it can be said that with the Sapa tour, tourists not only visit famous tourist destinations such as: Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Stone Church, Ban Cat Cat … but here visitors can admire the beauty of the golden rice fields, or the highland markets, the unique festivals of highland people.

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