Things to keep in mind when traveling to South Korea during the fall

Speaking of Korea, we cannot help but mention the famous tourist destinations such as Seoul, Nami Island, Everland, Jeju Island … and many special festivals taking place all year round, not only this place also has a lot of cuisine diverse. So to admire those beauties, please refer to the Korean experience through this article.
The detailed schedule of the Korean tour 6 days 5 nights in the red leaf season is as follows:
Day 1: Hanoi – Seoul
Day 2: Seoul – Jeju
Coming to Seoul, tourists can immerse themselves in the land of kimchi, a magnificent ruler, enjoy the famous specialties of Korean beef.
Visiting famous tourist destinations such as:
  • 500-year-old Gyeongbok Palace consists of 7225 rooms with magnificent and magnificent royal court.
  • National Folk Museum This is the leading museum displaying Korean folklore, including: 98,000 exhibits that fully and in details represent the main events and festivals of the country.
  • The Blue House (presidential palace) – aka Cheongwadae – is the residence and working place of the Korean President.
Continuing the journey will take you to Jeju Island to visit Yongduam Rock-Rock Head Dragon, Mysterious Road, Love Paradise Park “Loveland … enjoy the beauty of Jeju at night.
Day 3: Jeju Island
The journey will take you to the summit of Seongsan, enjoy the feeling of abundant competition while watching the sunrise, enjoying the black pig specialties on the island.
Then continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Jeju Island: Yongusa Temple, Seopjikoji Sea, Jeju Folk ethnic village, “Cheonjeyo” waterfall … and listen to thrilling stories.
Day 4: Jeju Island, Seoul, Everland.
After enjoying Korean cuisine, visitors can freely shop for specialties at the Korean Ginseng shopping mall, Linh Chi mushroom shop, and cosmetic shop. If you are a fan of shopping, this is the destination for you.

Visit Everland Park is one of the 10 largest parks in the world. Join the game in the Park, with a rich animal world such as tigers, leopards, lions, seals … delight to take souvenir photos in the four-season garden or giant bears weighing hundreds of pounds or with beautiful and colorful parrots and participate in amusement games in the park. Especially adventure games, thrilling attractions in amusement parks such as: 360 degrees rotation, roller coaster, Ghost road …

Day 4: Seoul, Nami Island
Visit Nami Island, which was chosen as the filming location of famous films such as “Winter Sonata”. …
Then return to Seoul to visit the Government Ginseng Center, Miranda domestic cosmetic store, freely shop at Myeongdong Market or dongdaemun Market in one of the largest markets in Korea.

In addition, you should take a cruise on the Han River to enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul city on both sides of the river, watching the autumn Korean scenery at night.

Day 6 Seoul – Hanoi
Visit Namsan Hanok ethnic village, Nam tower, love lock bridge, Visit Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon Stream, a small 5.8km long stream flowing through the center of Seoul city. Feel free to shop for souvenirs for your relatives and friends at the agricultural store, duty-free center, and red pine oil shop.

Visitors to Incheon airport to make procedures to board the plane to Hanoi. End of Korea tour program 6 days 5 nights in the fall.

Things to keep in mind when traveling to South Korea

  • For children sharing a bed with parents, if there is a separate sleeping requirement for children please pay 100% of the tour.
  • For customers from 12 to 69 years of age, from 70 years old and above will pay the difference for premium premiums, from 75 years and older require a full health certificate to travel the country. In addition to that issued by a competent health authority, you must be accompanied by a healthy relative under the age of 60 years.
  • The program may change the order according to the actual situation, but still be sure to go to full of tourist attractions throughout the journey.
  • If you have relatives in Korea, please contact Dai Viet International Travel Company in advance for instructions to check in, before departure.
  • In objective cases such as terrorism, natural disasters … or due to incidents, changes in schedules of public transport means such as aircraft, trains … the Company will reserve the right to change. Route at any time for the convenience and safety of the customer and will not be responsible for compensation for damages incurred **.
Some things to know when traveling to Korea:
  • Visitors from 70 years old to under 75 years old are required to sign a health commitment with the Company. Guests 75 years of age or older require a certificate of full health to travel abroad by a doctor and + a commitment to health with the Company. It is encouraged to have relatives under 60 years old (with good health) accompany. In addition, guests over 75 years old should pack more premium insurance. Currently Dai Viet International Travel does not accept customers aged 80 and over.
  • Pregnant travelers please notify the sale person at the time of registration for more information. Do not accept guests with a pregnancy of 32 weeks or more for safety reasons.
Visa procedures when traveling to Korea:
1. Passport
valid for 6 months up to the date of departure 2. 01 photo 4×6 card with white background.
3. 01 copy of ID card
4. Occupation proof:
– Labor contract or appointment decision (if an employee) photo of company seal
– Confirmation of payroll in the last 3 months (with oil seal of company) or bank statement should be paid via bank (red stamp of bank).
– Decision to appoint a position (for a high position: Chief, deputy director …), or
– Decision to retire + pension card (copy with a notarized red seal) – if retired
– Student, student ID card, or school confirmation – if student. Or photocopies of the latest semester (for students)
5. Financial proof:
Savings book worth at least VND 100 million or USD 5,000 sent 3 months before the intended date accompanied by confirmation of balance of the Bank made near the time of submission.
If the Savings book is not valid for 3 months or more but must be submitted at least 01 month in advance and the term must be more than 3 months, one of the following documents must be added: Real estate red book or vehicle registration cars (from 2010 onwards), share certificates, stocks. Requested documents must be a notarized copy of the locality where they are residing (People’s Committee of ward, commune, etc.)
In case the Company stands out to pay for the trip expenses for employees:
Business Registration Certificate or Investment License (Photo notarized in the local ward)
Tax report for the latest 03 months.
Confirm the latest account balance of the Company (original) with 3-month statement of accounts. The bank’s stamped account.
Note: Minimum balance is equivalent to 100 million * Number of guests.
– Decision for the tour team to visit and clearly state the expenses paid by the company + the enclosed list with a overlapping sign
– The letter of guarantee from the company for the team of officials and employees traveling (according to the form)
– Declaration of travel reward + visa application (form)
• In case of financial proof of spouse or parents must have a letter of guarantee with a photo ID / Passport of the property owner.
• If you have been to OECD countries within the last 3 years or your OECD visa is still valid, you may still be required to prove additional financial resources (for visas to Korea, you will still need to prove it). yourself financially according to regulations).
6. An application for leave to travel to Korea with the red seal of the agency.
7. If accompanied by family, must have household registration book or marriage certificate, children must have birth certificate. Prefer marriage registration if the couple.

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