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China with beautiful landscapes captivates people, the landscapes stretch from north to south. But the place has many beautiful scenes can not fail to mention Suzhou Hagn where a beautiful beauty. However, to admire that splendid beauty, you should travel to Hangzhou – Suzhou in the fall to admire the beauty of China.
If you have the opportunity to travel to China in the fall, you should visit Suzhou, a city with a long history, located downstream of the Changjiang River and on the shores of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province, China.

Suzhou is famous for its stone bridges that cross the small rivers, along with the towns along the Truong Giang River, adding to the romantic beauty, especially with each level of revenue. House of riverside, in the chilly weather, you can go down the scenery on the banks of the Truong Giang River to feel all the beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.

Hangzhou – Suzhou in autumn dyed a bright yellow of the flowers and trees. Not only that, when traveling to Hangzhou – Suzhou in the fall, visitors can also immerse themselves in the beautiful parks scattered everywhere.

These ancient gardens have a thousand-year history, built throughout the Song, Nguyen, Minh and Thanh dynasties. The more you add the beauty of Suzhou. Coming to this city, visitors can not miss the outstanding places to visit such as Su Tu Lam – the most famous park in Suzhou, Han Son Tu – one of the oldest temples in China or the To Museum. Suzhou silk – the place where famous silk products are made in Giang Nam.

Lion Forest Flower

This is one of the largest and most beautiful “Four Great Gardens” in Suzhou, and is also a typical park for ancient Chinese garden architecture, which has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage World Culture.

Su Tu Lam has a total area of ​​about 1.1 hectares and is designed in the style of aqua painting in a sophisticated and sophisticated rectangular campus. This park runs from east to west, surrounded by high walls and arranged in a layout that includes: Mountains in the northeast, lakes and streams in the northwest, and in the east and The north is where the castle is built.

Su Tu Lam’s entire structure is arranged and connected by a long corridor, on which remains the autographs of many famous Song Dynasty celebrities such as Me Phat, To Thuc and Thai Nhuong. ..

The gardens of Su Lam Lam have many rare ornamental plants as well as strange flowers. Among them, the most prominent is the almond tree over 400 years old – one of the symbols of this flower garden.

The reason for this park is called the Lion Forest because there are many rocks and mountains like the lions.

Han Son Tu

This temple was built around the beginning of the 6th century under Luong Luong Emperor De Luong Dynasty, with the original name of Dieu Loi Pho Minh Thap Vien. The main buildings of the temple include: Dai Hung Bao Dien, the Tang Dynasty and the Bell Tower. Each building has its own unique features and values, combined to create a harmonious whole for one of the oldest temples in China.

The tallest tower in Han Son Tu hangs a single 2-ton bronze bell, cast in a 6-part tin and 1-tin bronze formula, while emitting a very gentle, calm sound.

Suzhou Silk Museum

Speaking of silk, no one would mention the Suzhou Silk Museum, which holds many valuable documents about the silk production process of Giang Nam region since ancient times.

So it can be said that China is not only famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, but also for its famous Silk Road. Suzhou is the starting point. Coming here, you will come across many unique silk products of Suzhou with extremely diverse and rich designs.

So if you go on a Chinese tour, you not only visit places like: Lijiang Shangrila, Beijing, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Di Hoa Vien … but visit Hangzhou – Suzhou to be spread Experience the beauty of each level of brightness.

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