Dalat flower season in the most beautiful months

Dalat is known as a city of thousands of flowers, or a foggy city with misty passages covering many mountain streets. However, many questions for every traveler such as traveling to Dalat in which season is the most beautiful, or traveling to Dalat during the most beautiful flowering season. So to know that, please refer to Dalat travel experience through this article.

Traveling to Dalat in the blooming season everywhere, you will also see blooming flowers blooming. A fragrant floral scent. However, depending on the time of year to choose for yourself a tour schedule of Da Lat in the right blooming season.

If you travel to Da Lat on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you will be immersed in the nuance of the cherry blossoms blooming all the way, adding more beautiful natural paintings in the mountains.

The center of Dalat city crept through each street, beside simple wooden houses, with fragile petals in the cold weather of Da Lat, creating an unbelievably poetic setting. The beauty of cherry blossom has become a characteristic, a characteristic of Dalat. Therefore, Da Lat has long been dubbed the city of flowers.

White flowers of Da Lat

This is a typical flower of the northwest mountains. But in Dalat also this flower. Flowers were brought in in the city, and after more than 10 flowers the ban tree was big and blooming. The first wave of flowers, the pristine beauty of that flower made many visitors feel lost when coming to Dalat.
If you have the opportunity to travel to Dalat in the white flower season, you will have beautiful pictures, where the mountain town makes you feel like you are in a country, not in Da Lat.

If in the Northwest, the white flowers are rustic and wild, then in Dalat, the flowers are gentle and delicate. To be immersed in the white of the original flower, you should travel to Da Lat in about February to March, when the flower starts to bloom. The white petals, small and beautiful, like snowflakes, cover the lush greenery of the mountain town.

Flowering season in Dalat when it is temporarily luxurious is the season of white snowflakes, another Da Lat flower season wears a yellow color that is mimosa. Flowers bloom from February to April every year. You should travel to Da Lat on the occasion of 30/4 to admire the beauty of this species.

Mimosa flowers are yellow like the first day’s sunshine. Brilliant but not too dazzling. The paradise of this flower must be mentioned is the length of more than 10 km from Prenn Pass to Chua Tau. Walking on this road in the right time of the mimosa season, visitors will see beautiful little flowers glowing yellow on both sides of the road. Beautiful scenery like to want to hold the visitors.

Purple phoenix flower season in Da Lat

The blooming purple phoenix flower season signals a summer on the mountain town, bringing a picture full of romance, the flowers often bloom in late March and April. Da Lat created a feeling that is hard to describe. The flowers hide themselves in the mist.

Dandelion flower season in Da Lat

Although dandelion flower is not typical of Dalat, it has its own beauty. Those who have witnessed the dandelion in the middle of Dalat must admire, beautiful flowers with a pristine beauty. From March to May every year, you will admire the flowers flying in the wind.

Under the cool of the wind of Dalat, dandelions are in bloom. Flowers often bloom in the summer and most in the hills of Robin Da Lat, Palace 2, Golden Valley …

Sunflower of Dalat

The field of sunflowers in full bloom has become the favorite attraction of many tourists when traveling to Dalat. In the foggy, chilly weather, adorned with bright yellow sunflowers, it adds warmth to the place.


This is a flower that appears almost all year round in Da Lat. Across the streets in the center you easily come across small clusters of hydrangeas. But if you go into the Da Lat flower season when hydrangeas blooming and extremely large will surely make you surprised at that scene.

In recent years, hydrangeas have become a symbol, a new feature of Dalat. It is said that seeing hydrangeas knows when you go to Dalat. This is also the reason that Da Lat is increasingly attracting tourists to visit and enjoy. Especially the young people come to check in for themselves the beautiful photos.


Lavender, also known as lavender. This flower also appears many times of the year in Da Lat, blooming flower bearing a purple sky overwhelming mountain.

Dalat vascular flower season The vascular triangle flower is
not only blooming in the Northwest, but also Da Lat is full of delicate, small, white, but delicate, triangular flower. Although simple flowers but very attractive. Bloom on last year, from September to May 11.

Season Da Quy Da Lat flower

Flowering season usually blooms at the end of the year, if you go to Dalat tour at the end of the year, you will see a blooming flower everywhere. Unlike other flowers, wild sunflowers grow completely naturally. So you come to Da Lat wild flower season blooming all over the road filled with the yellow of the flower.

Dalat yellow flower season
Not a typical flower like wild anemone or cherry apricot, but the beauty of yellow mustard also makes many people flutter when coming to Dalat. Yellow canola flowers are also available at the end of the year. Flower species appear most often in the Ta Nung area. The whole sky seemed to be dyed yellow by the yellow mustard flowers.

Pink Grass Season

The flowering season is in full bloom at the end of November. From a distance, it looks like the hills are covered with a thin layer of snow. The golden valley area is home to the most pink grass. And also here, every year in Dalat flower season, this area always organizes a rose festival with many interesting activities to serve tourists.

Lau grass season
The most beautiful flower season in May at this time is white in Da Lat, the white grass is white, looks like a beautiful picture.

Mustard Flower Season
Not only in Moc Chau, Dalat also has a long season of white mustard flowers, creating a different beauty, light, simple and slightly white cauliflowers in the direction of northwestern mountains.

Maple Leaf Season

No need to go far, you immediately come to Da Lat to immerse yourself in the season of yellow / red maple leaves in the mountain town. To see the most beautiful maple leaf season, you should go to Da La in October when the maple leaves change color from green to red, yellow to create a very beautiful scenery.

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