Da Nang destination of events and festivals

Da Nang is gradually becoming the destination of Asia’s leading festivals and events. Coming here, tourists not only visit famous tourist destinations such as Ba Na, Cu Lao Cham, Ngu Hanh Son … but also immersed in unique festivals listening to thrilling stories.
Da Nang city of bridges, beautiful landscapes like to attract visitors, right when you first come to this coastal city, you are not only attracted by beautiful landscapes or festivals. unique association that encounters friendly and hospitable people. Coming to Da Nang to experience the life of coastal fishermen, you can choose homestay services, to experience with fishermen in the island waters.
Coming to Danang Tourism you will visit the Fine Arts Museum, where an art exhibition event takes place every month. Particularly, the exhibitions in collaboration with artists and foreign organizations have up to 6 events, including the exhibition of American installation artist Mark Cooper, the exhibition “Connection” of European artists. Au lived and worked in Da Nang and Hoi An, an exhibition in collaboration with the Embassy of Colombia about the author of the novel Hundred Years of Solitude, the most recent “Exchange, Composition, and the First International Fine Arts Exhibition best in 2019 in Da Nang city ”.

This is an opportunity to introduce and promote the image of Danang to the world through fine arts activities. According to the painter Virgilio Aviado (Filipino), the moment he stepped down to the airport, he felt the relaxed atmosphere here along with the friendly smiles of Da Nang people, adding more and more looks. Beautiful for Da Nang.

With regard to the arts, every year the chamber music performance program “Danang Chamber Music” takes place regularly in Da Nang with the participation of many famous artists at home and abroad, bringing to the audience each year fake new and unique changes. So far, this event has become an indispensable spiritual dish for audiences who love chamber music, especially foreign tourists living and working in Da Nang. During the last tourist season in Da Nang, in the music night in Da Nang, with the participation of artists from Germany such as: Pianist Karla Haltenwanger, violinist Birgit Erz, pianist Ilona Kindt …

They are all well-known artists, touring many countries around the world, and when they came to Da Nang, they expressed their surprise at the love for chamber music of local people and tourists. “The music night is like an emotional conversation, bringing the audience across European music regions, from the gentle melodies of Clara Schumann in Germany, to the folk songs, the folk rhythms of the ethnic groups Slav (a racial group in the Indo-European region) looms in the music of Antonin Dvorak, the famous Czech composer. I was quite impressed because the audience was very crowded, polite and enthusiastic, ”pianist Karla Haltenwanger shared at the show.

In the field of heritage conservation, many unique cultural festivals are also taken by the Da Nang Museum to perform right in the heart of the city such as: The Tu tu cultural festival, the festival “Double gong fight and folk songs” dances of the Cor people, ”the ceremony to build trees and perform folk songs and folk dances of the Co Dang people … Mr. Huynh Dinh Quoc Thien, Director of the Da Nang Museum said, through the festivals, the Da Nang Museum. Wishing the community to join hands to conserve and promote the cultural values ​​of the people of the ethnic groups of Vietnam, and at the same time create an interesting and unique cultural event to serve the people and tourists when coming to Da Nang. .

Going to Da Nang, we will continue to advise and deploy the preparation and successful organization of major cultural events of the city, bringing regional and international cultural events and festivals to Danang. The friendliness of the people, the attraction of the tourist city … are the destinations that tourists choose the most.

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