8 famous British tourist destinations you cannot miss

If you are a European tourist lover , then England is definitely a place you cannot miss. The land of fog contains a rich and diverse culture and artistic heritage. Every major city in the UK has Opera houses, museums and galleries of magnificent art known worldwide. Traveling to the UK , you will not be able to miss the following famous places.

1. The capital of London

Located in the south-east of England, right on the banks of the peaceful Thames, London is as sumptuous and magnificent as a castle, a castle in fairy tales. London is like a miniature world, when it has many buildings, historical sites, museums, art galleries, green parks, shopping centers, amusement parks and an entire city. bustling underground.

London capital

London has been the capital of Great Britain since the 5th century after the Romans withdrew from England. Along with continuous efforts, the city of London has built a modern system of facilities with many large shopping centers. London is also a global financial and economic center, the pound currency is the highest valued currency in the world.

Traveling in the UK, you stop in London to visit the famous beautiful places of this city such as: Big Ben tower, Tower Bridge across the Thames River, Westminster Palace, Buckingham Palace, two large museums are Victoria and Albert …

City of London

Millennium Wheel (London Eye):  Coming to the foggy city of London (UK), you should definitely admire the Millennium Wheel – the highest rotation in Europe and also the pride of the British people. . Also known as the London Eye, from this roundabout, you can cover the entire scenery of London. From here, you can visit the London Tower Bridge spanning the River Thames less than 3 miles from the London Eye. Traveling to London in spring and summer is the time when the scenery here is the freshest and liveliest of the year.

London Eye - The millennium rotation
London Eye – The millennium rotation, the pride of the British people.

Big Ben Clock:  The symbol of the city – Big Ben Clock (now renamed Elizabeth Clock). From the attractions of the Big Ben tower, just a few minutes away from the subway, visitors can easily visit the BuckingHam Palace, take pictures with the Queen Victoria Memorial and the flower garden around the electric campus.

Big Ben clock tower - Elizabeth clock
Big Ben clock tower – Elizabeth clock

If you travel to the UK at the end of the year (especially December), you will enjoy the cold weather with snow and fog, which makes London likened to the name “inherent fog city” of yourself. But no matter what season you visit London, travelers from across the globe will surely be fluttering to the city not wanting to leave. Therefore, people often have the saying “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” to indicate the attraction of this English capital.

Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge crosses the splendid Thames River in the afternoon

Someone likened England to a girl with a deep and deep beauty, and the capital of London was her attractive eyes. People remember England and London with the famous love songs accompanying in May, the nights of lights glistening all over the sky but still very peaceful, or the foggy days that rained the city. so faded like some kind of sleeping paradise. For that reason, in the British travel itinerary, you will not forget to visit the famous London capital.

Buckingham Palace
BuckingHam Palace

2. City of Cambridge

Cambridge is known as the second largest city and also the administrative center of CambridgeshirCam. The charming city is located on the Orange River north of London. The famous place is the center of culture and entertainment in the east of England with a rich culture, attracting tourists every year.
Cambridge city is both peaceful and majestic with ancient buildings, quiet.
Visiting the city of Cambridge, visitors will be attracted by the ancient buildings with lovely arches, alternating with small but clean alleys. Especially you will love this place by the hospitality and fondness of the indigenous people. The most special feature of the city of Cambridge is that it surrounds the Cam River, so you can go on boats and explore the ancient academies and universities along the romantic Cam River.
Bridge of sighs
Along the banks of the Cam River, you will come across the Bridge of sighs (Bridge of sighs) with quite familiar architecture of Europe.
Not only is a famous tourist destination in the UK, speaking of Cambridge, you will think of the world famous universities, with a huge number of international students. This is also the home of many prestigious universities and colleges such as Cambridge University, Cambridge Regional College, Long Road Sixth Form College, Hills Road Sixth Form College … Among them, the best known is Cambridge University. , one of the top schools in the UK and worldwide for the quality of training and student qualifications.

University of Cambridge
Universities in Cambridge have a learning environment with the most modern teaching equipment and the most professional lecturers.

In addition, there are all the cultural and entertainment options you can expect from a university town. King’s College Cathedral, located along the Orange River, is considered a prime example of perpendicular Gothic architecture and one of the most visited attractions in the city. You will be very surprised when turning bicycles is a very popular means of transportation of the people here, from commuters to students going to school.

River Cam - River Cam Cambridge
River Cam – River Cam Cambridge

3. York City

York is the most ancient city in England, one of the famous cities in the history of British formation and development, typical with the “Rose War” – the power war between the Lancaster and the York. It is the symbol of power, the capital of the York house with the White Rose badge. Traces of it have appeared until today, it is the city wall surrounding the city with the rose symbol of the main path to the city.

White Rose badge - York
The symbol of York the White Rose badge represents the “Rose War” in England.

Nestled on the confluence of the poetic Ouse and Foss rivers in northern Yorkshire, England, York seems to be the city coming out of the magical old story with mysterious castles and castles. The city is a huge collection of rich historical and artistic heritage. One of the city’s attractions is the Saint Peter’s Cathedral in York, often called York Minster. Stone church with many outstanding works of art, one of the largest churches of its kind in Northern Europe.

York Minster or Saint Peter's cathedral
Saint Peter’s Cathedral in York is also known as York Minster.

York is also known as a model tourist city with many old towns, ancient cities and large cathedrals in the north of the United Kingdom. Here, there are many churches with different ancient architectural styles, including the Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity Church
Not only possessing the beautiful traditional architectural beauty, Holy Trinity is even more special when the entire lighting system does not require electricity.

York City: Dubbed the most beautiful ancient city in Europe with a surrounding wall of up to 5km long, York City was once the barrier to protect the city from the invasion of the Vikings, Dane and Norman. Standing on this city, you can just walk back and have the opportunity to see the city in the peaceful blue sunshine.

York city walls
York city walls – Solid city walls built by the Romans

The beauty of York’s landscape is the beautiful and harmonious combination with the churches, including the “The Minster” cathedral, 160m long, 76m wide, 27m high inside, high bell tower only. 60m. The “Minster” Basilica contains 128 colored paintings on the four-side glass doors of the church from the 12th century, considered priceless works of art for England.

The Minster Cathedral
“The Minster” cathedral

The small alley Shambles: located right in the center of York City is famous for its long and interesting historical story because it is known as the best preserved medieval street in Europe. It dates back to the early Middle Ages and was mentioned in the Domesday book dating back over 900 years. Shambles Street was recently voted the most beautiful street in England.

Downtown York
Downtown York

Howard Castle:  In addition to famous churches, York City has many beautiful places as well as Howard Castle. The magnificent and magnificent castle is located on an area of ​​over 4 million m2, which has been the residence of the royal family of Howard England for more than 300 years.

Howard Castle
Howard Castle

More specifically, Coming to York Street, you will see the sweet chocolate scent spreading throughout York City, England Just a slight breeze you can smell the fragrant chocolate when standing in York City in the country. Brother. There is a Nestle Rowntree Chocolate factory located right next to the city, so every time the wind blows, the aroma of chocolate spreads.

4. City of Manchester

Located in the North of the United Kingdom, Manchester is the most bustling and vibrant city in the UK with a system of luxurious restaurants and bars. Manchester is also the second largest city in the UK, second only to the capital London, a strong economy with rows of high-rise buildings, shopping centers, amusement parks and museums. Discovering Manchester, you can visit the roadside pub, sip with friends and enjoy the romantic scenery of the city.

Manchester city

In particular, this is the place that stands out with the passion for the sport of the king, with the dramatic and attractive ball matches that the leading teams in the world bring. Especially the two strong teams are Manchester United and Manchester City. It would be flawed if the dream destinations in the UK lack the name Manchester – the magnificent city that perhaps every football fan would like to have the opportunity to once admire. Manchester is also the “usurpation” city of London to take the No. 1 position in the ranking of the most exciting sports city in the UK by ESPN.

Old Trafford Stadium
Old Trafford Stadium home ground of football club Manchester United FC with a capacity of 75,635 people. The place called “Theater of Dreams” is said to be legendary by Bobby Charlton.

It is the exciting excitement almost all year round from the stadium with a capacity of up to 60,000 people like Old Trafford, Etihad … making Manchester a dream destination for the followers of the king’s sport. .

Roman Fortress Castlefield:  Coming to Manchester, in addition to the passionate stadium cheering and cheering, you can also enjoy a really romantic and splendid Manchester at night when walking around a city, especially Visit the Roman fortress Castlefield glowing with lights at night. In the old days, the fortress had the full name “Castle on the field” which means the fortress in the field. Manchester is also famous for bars, pubs or clubs, enjoying the lyrical vocals of Mancunian (from only Manchester city bands) is also an interesting experience when coming to England.

Fortress Castlefield
Roman fortress Castlefield, Manchester

Manchester Cathedral gives you the opportunity to admire the sculptures from medieval times. If you’re lucky enough to be at the church on Sunday morning, you’ll hear 10 bells in the church tower ringing.

5. The port city of Liverpool

Liverpool is a city and a municipality in an urban area on the east bank of the Mersey River, in the North West of England. It is an old port city and a bustling cultural and tourism center, with commercial buildings, administrative buildings, historic neighborhoods and cultural monuments, along with a network of canals. , the largest port in the UK. Liverpool attracts tourists from all over the world and is considered a reasonably priced tourist destination. Coming here, whether you have a passion for sport, music or history will make you satisfied.

The port city of Liverpool

Considered the most beautiful port city of the United Kingdom, the historic center of the city of Liverpool was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, and was awarded the title of European Cultural Capital in 2008. Because is a gateway city, with a diverse focus on population, culture and religion, especially from Ireland and Wales. The city also has the oldest black community in the UK.
Bus in Liverpool
The public transportation system here is quite developed, you can choose a bus, speedboat or rent a bicycle, motorbike or car to facilitate your trip to Liverpool.

The city is located on the banks of the Mersey river with all levels of emotion, visitors to Liverpool will be extremely excited to revisit the home of the legendary band The Beatles Story at Albert Harbor. Liverpool city not only stands out with its artistic culture but it is also distinguished by the quaintness of the old European-style houses. There are many beautiful ancient buildings. Visiting the city, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the two buildings that are Cunard and Royal Liver.

Cunard Building
Cunard building was built in 1917 in a unique architectural style. You will certainly feel extremely impressed with the beautiful interior inside this building.

Royal Liver
Royal Liver is considered as a symbol of the port city of Liverpool and has been recognized by UNESCO as the heritage of the world.

Liverpool Cathedral: The place is considered one of the National Heritage of England when holding quite a lot of records. The church is ranked as the oldest church in the world, the largest church in England and the 5th largest in the world. The bells hanging here are also considered the highest and heaviest hanging bells in the world. It would be great to hear the echoes of the Liverpool church bells. The bell is like a chanting of the holy melody.

Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral

Merseyside Maritime Museum:  As the most beautiful port city in the UK, so every visitor to Liverpool must visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum. This museum is also one of the most striking structures of the port city of Liverpool. Over many years of history, this museum as a witness has witnessed so many ups and downs, events of Liverpool since its inception. Here you will learn extremely interesting details about the legendary Titanic.

Merseyside Maritime Museum
Merseyside Maritime Museum

The Albert Dock:  Traveling to Liverpool without visiting The Albert Dock is a very unfortunate thing. This is a complex of many works built in the harbor since 1846. Since being recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage, this area has always attracted a lot of tourists to visit.

The Albert Dock
The Albert Dock

It is no exaggeration to say that the locals in Liverpool are really passionate sports fans. For the passionate fans of Premier League football, it is impossible not to mention the names of Everton and Liverpool. Come here, you can buy tickets and cheer for the Liverpool Football Club to play hard against opponents at the historic Anfield Road Stadium. Not only football, many other sports are popular in this city, with active students and international students, some popular sports such as rugby, tennis as well as sports water sports like windsurfing, sailing or rollerblading and boating along the coast.

Anfield Road Stadium
The crazy Anfield Road Stadium

6. City of Chester

Besides London, it will be an omission experience if you forget to visit the famous beautiful city of Chester when traveling to England. One of the oldest cities in England, Chester was founded in 79 BC, as a base of the Roman empire, extending to the north. Until now, it is still surrounded by ancient and sturdy walls. Chester city always brings a quiet beauty with Victorian buildings and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s easy to explain why this lovely city attracts so many tourists.

Chester city

Located on the romantic Dee River near the border of Wales, with a typical ocean climate, warm but not hot summers, cool winters without cold are special points that visitors are very excited to visit. In addition to favorable climate, romantic scenery and long history, Chester also has famous tourist attractions that attract a lot of visitors. In 2013, Chester also reached the top 5 cities voted as the most beautiful city in Europe according to USA Today magazine.

Once a Roman colony, Chester city is over 2,000 years old, with a wall surrounding the city dating back to the medieval period and many historical, cultural and architectural sites. The black and white architecture of the 19th century is characteristic of this city and is found everywhere on the ancient walls, the relics of history left in the war between the British and the Romans. Walking around the city, you will come across shops close together with the same architecture and color called The Rows, this is a unique feature of Chester in particular as well as the whole of England. collectively because outside of this city, the style of Rows only exists in Germany.

Unique architecture in the city of Chester
Unique architecture in the city of Chester

If England is always associated with the image of lightness, a slow pace of life, the city of Chester is the destination to make the most of this lifestyle. Chester civilians were most concentrated in the Town Crier area – the intersection of a large intersection. Watching the sunset on the high-rise buildings in Town Crier or on the romantic Dee river bank is an experience to try if you have the opportunity to set foot on Chester.

Town Crier - Chester
Town Crier, Chester

Chester is an embodiment of “typical England”, with Victorian buildings, with beautiful wooden houses, cobblestone streets, large parks and old mossy walls. Chester Travel looks like it came out of a novel by famous writer Charles Dickens. The pubs, hotels and even the small pretty shops on the street retain the charm from many years ago, with original paint colors. I especially enjoyed the small houses with brick walls and wooden facades and lovely glass doors.

Chester Church: along with St Paul’s, Boughton’s and St Mary’s Church – Handbridge are impressive religious buildings that you should visit Chester City. Chester Cathedral was built on the basis of an older church dating back to 958 and part of the later Benedictine monastery. It has beautiful Gothic architecture typical of architecture of many churches in England. There are often historical plays in the church that serve people and visitors to Chester. This is an ancient culture in England as well as other cities in the old continent – Europe.

The church in Chester - England
The church in Chester

Chester University and Roman Amphitheater are the ideal attractions that you definitely must visit even if you are not a history lover because of the ancient and deep beauty of the two ancient places. this. If you are a history lover and want to learn about interesting things in the history of the land, Grosvenor Museum is the place you need to visit the most in Chester. Life inside the 2000-year-old Roman fortress is vividly recreated in this museum. Images of ancient city walls – relics of history left in the war between British and Roman forces always bring unforgettable emotions for visitors when visiting this place.

Grosvenor Museum
Grosvenor Museum

Chester City Park: Located more than a mile north of Chester city center, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s largest and most famous animal parks. It is home to more than 11,000 animals representing about 400 different species. Key attractions include Chimpanzee Island, penguin pool and Europe’s largest tropical house.

Another location that is also home to many other wildlife is the Blue Planet Aquarium . The park has over 700 species of fish, including sea rays and eels, as well as Europe’s largest collection of sharks.

Blue Planet Aquarium
Blue Planet Aquarium

You can also visit the Old Dee Bridge – the oldest bridge in Chester city and the only bridge until before Queen Victoria was crowned. Old Dee Bridge was built in the 14th century and was built to replace the previous wooden bridge.

7. The city of Nottingham

Nottingham is a beautiful city in the East Midland region of England, a land where people will think of the famous Robinhood when they hear about it. Nottingham City was once famous for its lace, bicycle and cigarette manufacturing industry – it is now a peaceful but equally vibrant city with European coffee corner, vibrant Rock City, long magnificent Notting Ham, Theater Royal is famous for many international musical events. Nottingham is most beautiful in the spring and autumn, if you want to try skiing, then Nottingham is also a great choice. This is the city in the top 10 most beautiful places for winter skiing of the whole European region.
Nottingham Old Market Square
Nottingham Central Square

Old Market Square: The first important stop before exploring the city, Old Market Square is the tourist center of Nottingham and is the largest public space in the UK. To the east of the square is the Neoclassical Council, surrounded by a large dome, nearby the impressive Guildhall building. When passing through the historic center of the city, stop by Nottingham Playhouse and visit the Sky Mirror – a wide, concave stainless-steel concave disc weighing 10 tons and facing the sky. Created by sculptor Anish Kapoor for 6 years, this 19-foot wide stainless steel dish faces upwards and provides a unique view over the sky. Its surface reflects an ever-changing environment.

Sky Mirror
Sky Mirror

Rent Market: Just a short walk from Old Market Square is the historic Rent Market. It was once the center of the British lace industry, and is considered one of the city’s most important heritage sites. Here, you can visit the warehouses and galleries, visit shops, restaurants and lace manufacturers.

Nottingham Castle: From Nottingham castle du kahchs you can see the whole town. Nottingham Castle is famous for the bronze statues of Robin Hood and his companions, designed by James Woodford – a sculptor born in Nottingham. Just a few meters away is the Nottingham Life Museum at Brewhouse Yard – a well worth a visit. It houses a collection of 17th-century rural houses depicting the lives of the people of Nottingham.

Nottingham Castle
A bronze statue of Robin Hood inside the castle

Robin Hood Road and Sherwood Forest: From Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, visitors will visit the Robin Hood Road about 167km long through many attractions related to the legendary Robin Hood. The trail also passes through Clumber National Park and through Rufford Abbey, as well as Robin Hood Hills, Thieves Wood and Fountain Dale.

The most prominent place here, you spend time in Sherwood forest, the most important area related to Robin Hood. Today, this famous forest covers more than 1,000 acres of land around the village of Edwinstowe, including an area of ​​450 acres. Sherwood Forest National Park and attracts visitors each year through events such as a week-long Robin Hood Festival with its entertainment of medieval and characters, including knights and court jesters judgment. Other major attractions include the Sherwood Forest Arts and Crafts Center; 1,000-year-old Major Oak; and Thynghowe – a medieval meeting place where people come to resolve disputes.

Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest

8. Scotland

Located in the north of England, despite its modest size and population, Scotland is an ideal destination for travelers who want to travel to the UK or Europe. Coming to Scotland, you will experience the life and people here, the ancient castles, the blue lakes or the vast prairies here will bring you extremely relaxing moments.

Edinburgh Castle: Edinburgh Castle is a great example of Scottish architecture on British travel itineraries, it is also an important military area. Perched high on top of an inactivated volcano is this dominant castle. Its presence is visible miles away from all directions. A symbol of the strong position of perseverance and the struggle for independence, Edinburgh Castle is one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland.

Edinburgh castle
Edinburgh castle

Skara Brae: Skara Brae is located on Skaill Bay, in the Orkney Islands in the Northeast of Scotland. This ancient settlement is the best preserved stone age village in Northern Europe. Not only are the walls still standing, but the covered walkways with their stones are still intact, the home furnishing accessories of each house give us an interesting view of the life. lived by people who lived there more than 5,000 years ago.

Skara Brae
Skara Brae

Loch Ness: You’ve probably heard of the famous Loch Ness Monster. Visiting Loch Ness is an interesting experience when visiting Scotsland. The lake spans 23 miles and is surrounded by picturesque villages, majestic mountains and ruins of Urquhart Castle. Loch Ness also holds most of the legends of a famous sea monster. The most famous mythical creature of modern times – Nessie, is said to live in a lake. With a mysterious atmosphere, the attractive area of ​​Loch Ness is not to be missed. Who knows, if you’re lucky you might see Nessie!

Loch Ness
Loch Ness – a place associated with the mysterious creature Nessie

Luskentyre Beach : Luskentyre Beach is located on the spectacular west coast south of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. One of the most beautiful areas when traveling to Scotland that you definitely have to visit. The sea water is green, shimmering with smooth sandy beaches and vibrant green hillsides. Peaceful and timeless, Luskentyre beach has been voted Britain’s best beach.

Luskentyre Beach
Luskentyre Beach

In addition to the dreamy cities mentioned above, the UK has many destinations waiting for you to explore and experience. Pack up and prepare for these great trips right away.

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